This movie's texture is animated realistic 3D CGI, I watched it around 2012-2013

The movie is about a father, who is obviously some kind of scientist with a lab situated in a city in space who does research to create a portal to a distant planet or dimension in a high tech future, I mean he already lives in an era where space travel and robots are possible. He succeeds but gets captured there by a race of blue giants/trolls.

His son and his mom or sister find out about his portal and go after him. They get involved in a war between the giant rebellion against the government. The technology they use looks like medieval and steampunk mixed. I do not remember.

In the end there's a big battle between the two parties, the government army has zeppelin and the rebellion wins thanks to the father and his family's help, because they helped to set up traps on the battlefield, which is some kind of forest with giant luminescent mushrooms and trees that are very very tall.


In case you or anyone else are still searching for this film, it's called "Thru the Moebius Strip".

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