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We take for granted you can get almost anything you want.

But, Where do replicator patterns come from?

I don't recall any discussion of this. (Possibly the only evidence I can recall is that Data orders Feline Supplement #N.)

For example: Are they created by Starfleet Foodservices? Are there chefs who specialize in creating replicator patterns? Can you readily scan an object to create a replicator program? If you request the same item multiple times, how similar are they?

Related, but old; different scope; and has no well-sourced answer: If I want to replicate say three apples in a replicator, will they be exactly the same to the molecule or there would be slight variance?

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    When a mummy replicator pattern and a daddy replicator pattern love each other very much... – Paul D. Waite May 17 '18 at 8:43