Keen sets up in his answer Is The Amazing Spider-Man part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe? that the new movie is a Sony, and as such does not have to fit into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which ostensibly follows the Ultimate Comics line.

Is there any particular comics line that this movie aims to follow? We know Parker has mechanical webshooters, Doc Connors is the Lizard, he starts (shall we say) with Gwen Stacy, and his parents 'leave him' at a young age (which is information I thought was absent from the comics CMIIR).

I've not been able to glean any more details from interviews or trailers but I'm sure there should be enough information out there to pick up a few pieces, and if not we only have to wait a few more weeks....

  • The whole "parents" theme makes me think this may be a complete rehash. – Gorchestopher H Jun 21 '12 at 12:01
  • @GorchestopherH Entirely possible. If so it might be in a whole new universe... – AncientSwordRage Jun 22 '12 at 8:15

This reboot of the Spiderman franchise (The Amazing Spiderman, 2012) resembles the stories told on Marvel Earth #616, mostly in the comics of the namesake series "The Amazing Spiderman." Curiously enough, the first Spiderman movies had more in common with the Ultimate Spiderman from Earth-1610 than the canon Peter Parker from Earth-616.

  • Peter Parker's parents WERE spies. Richard and Mary Parker (Amazing Spiderman #365)
  • Peter Parker did create his first artificial mechanical webshooters. (Amazing Fantasy #15)
  • The Lizard was both a friend and mentor to Parker, Doctor Curtis Conners, before he used a serum designed to regenerate limbs (made from lizard DNA) and became the Lizard. (Amazing Spiderman #6)
  • Beautiful Gwen Stacey was indeed Parker's first girlfriend and she dies falling from a bridge, thrown by the Green Goblin. (first appearance Amazing Spiderman #31)
  • Gwen Stacy dies in the seminal issue Amazing Spiderman #121

Cover from the Amazing Spider-Man 121

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