I'm afraid all I remember is:

  • Magic was based on true names
  • The hero was pulled from the real world into another one
  • At the climax of the book the hero said his full name linking him in some manner with the goddess of that world.
  • I think his middle or last name had a prefix like "Mac"
  • I think the book was written in the 80's, I read it in the early 90's.
  • AFAIK It was not part of a series.

Does anyone know what this is?


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A Name to Conjure With by Donald Aamodt, 1989.

An elevator shaft becomes a portal to another world for Sandy MacGregor as a goddess uses mortal pawns to play out a cosmic game of wits against her evil nemesis. Bound by his summoners to a quest for treasure from an evil shrine, Sandy accompanies a greedy wizard into a world where his survival depends on the unknown, uncontrollable power of his magical "name."

Mild-mannered Earthling Sandy MacGregor is conjured to the planet Zarathandra by a scheming sorceror and forced to find and retrieve a legendary treasure--a task made easier, and more comical, by the Zarathandrans' conviction that Sandy is a demon warrior.

Google Books offers a snippet view that hints that 'Sandy MacGregor' isn't the 'full set' of his names.

This is the first book in the Zarathandra Series.

  • Thats it! Thanks much, for some reason it's been stuck in my head for ages.
    – Jos
    Commented May 22, 2018 at 16:09

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