In Solo: A Star Wars Story, we discover that

Qi'ra has a connection to Crimson Dawn, which turns out to be led by Darth Maul. He tells her to join him, and implies cryptically they'll be working much more closely together in the future.

Is this in reference to something we've seen take place already (in Star Wars: Rebels for example), or to something we don't yet know?

More specifically, has any of the production team or actors stated whether or not this character will be returning in some fashion, or was this in reference to something already existing in canon?

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Maul associating with the galatic underworld is a continuation of his plot-thread from Star Wars: The Clone Wars, where he forms and leads the Shadow Collective, an alliance of several criminal organizations, including the Pyke Syndicate seen in the film. The name "Crimson Dawn" is likely a reference to Black Sun, another criminal institution that comprised part of the Shadow Collective.

Maul tells Qi'ra to come to Dathomir, Maul's homeworld and a planet that has featured heavily in both Legends and the new EU, including The Clone Wars and Rebels.

Maul is still a major player in the underworld in Solo, while he was disposed in Rebels, placing both Solo and his future encounter with Qi'ra before the series.

Said encounter has not been shown yet. It may occur in one of the possible Solo sequels or in a separate work in the Star Wars franchise.

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    Was not aware of possible Solo sequels at the time, so this does answer my question, which was essentially trying to understand the direction the ending was taking with those characters. Didn't know if it was meant to lead into something that had already happened in Rebels, or something we don't know about yet that will come up in future movies.
    – Mwr247
    Commented May 30, 2018 at 4:30

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