It's a fantasy cartoon show which was aired in India around 2005-12.

This show is about a man who was trying to find his dad, and he has his dad's diary containing information about some magic or monster. During his search, he meets guys who also know the info written in the diary. The main character and others find magical rings, also lots more.

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Maybe Huntik (2009-2012)?

According to Wikipedia,

In India, the series' first season aired on Disney XD (India) in 2010.

Huntik still; two teenage girls, one teenage blond boy, one red-haired adult

There's Lok, the blonde guy who discovered his father's amulet. While studying with a friend, it is revealed that his father, who was missing, may be alive. Lok and his friend go on a quest to find him, based on hints in the father's journal (see picture below).

A cartoon diary

There are creatures known as the Titans, and they're summoned by amulets. Below is a collection of Titans and their amulets.

Full Titans sheet

Throughout the series, the kids fight against the evil Organization, whose goal is to rule over the world (such originality !). The Organization seeks a huge, legendary-like Titan to ensure their doomination. So basically, they're like villainous Pokémon teams, but without the catchy name.

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