I have been looking for ages for a movie I saw as a kid. Here's what I remember:

  • must have been in the 80's (seen it somewhere around 1978-1985)
  • there were human-like androids (>=1) involved, undistinguishable from humans
  • even the androids didn't know they were artificial
  • sometimes/at least once you see the first-person-view through the eyes of an android
  • one android is put on a space travel mission with other humans
  • the last hint is actually a spoiler:

during this mission, they experience heavy g-forces. The android grabs some kind of guardrail, but his hands rip off, only then does he realize he is not a human.

Thanks for any pointers! :o)


I think this is Test pilota Prixa, after a short story by Stanisław Lem. German title "Testflug zum Saturn".

  • I'm pretty sure you are right! The description sounds familiar, the release date matches, and the fact that it's non-English explains why it's difficult to find anything about it on the internet :o) (in Germany, all movies and TV series are dubbed, so it's not obvious what the original language is) Thanks a lot! ...just ordered the DVD... :-D – Wolfram Aug 15 '12 at 22:52

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