I know Han Solo, Chewbacca, and Lando Calrissian reappeared in the Original Trilogy, has anyone else appeared in both Solo:ASWS and other current (Disney) Star Wars Canon?

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    This question isn't too broad. The list of characters is absolute, even if it is a long list.
    – Edlothiad
    May 28 '18 at 6:47
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    Theres also the list of actors that appeared in other Star Wars movies, which will be different from the list of characters.
    – JK.
    May 28 '18 at 6:49
  • Quick search on IMDb gives a list of every character (both major and minor roles). Et voila: imdb.com/title/tt3778644/fullcredits?ref_=tt_cl_sm#cast. Match these with the Original trilogy cast; you will get your answer.
    – Shreedhar
    May 28 '18 at 7:29
  • @Shreedhar there exist more than just 3 films.
    – Edlothiad
    May 28 '18 at 11:01
  • @Verdan actually I didn't someone edited my question to make it about OT :[ I've since edited it again to be as inclusive as I intended.
    – Jared K
    May 28 '18 at 17:59

Below is a list of characters that have appeared in other films and the films they've appeared in.

The character - Films/TV Shows

Information for films characters have appeared in is based on the information from Wookieepedia on character appearances for Solo.
A guide to film acronyms can be found at the bottom.

  • Han Solo - ANH, ESB, RotJ, TFA, SW:FoD
  • Chewbacca - SW:TCW, RotS, ANH, ESB, RotJ, TFA, TLJ, SW:FoD
  • Lando Calrissian - SW:Reb, ESB, RotJ
  • Darth Maul - TPM, SW:TCW, SW:Reb
  • Qi'Ra - SW:FoD
  • Tam Posla - RO
  • Weazel - TPM (First identified in Solo, credits to @Neow)
  • Aurra Sing - TPM, SW:TCW
  • Bossk - SW:TCW, ESB, RotJ

Darth Maul and Tam Posla are the only characters who have appeared in other films that wasn't on your original list.

Qi'Ra's first appearance is credited as being for Solo. However the episode of Forces of Destiny she features in was released on the same day as the film (25th May 2018)

Mentioned only in Solo: A Star Wars Story

Acronym Guide

TPM - The Phantom Menace
RotS - Revenge of the Sith
ANH - A New Hope
ESB - Empire Strikes Back
RotJ - Return of the Jedi
TFA - The Force Awakens
TLJ - The Last Jedi
RO - Rogue One
SW:TCW - Star Wars: The Clone Wars
SW:Reb - Star Wars: Rebels
SW:FoD - Star Wars: Forces of Destiny

  • In addition, Warwick Davis plays a character named Weazel who appeared in TPM and Solo : starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Weazel
    – Neow
    May 28 '18 at 12:23
  • I may be mistaken (just saw it once, and it is brief) but I wonder if the guy commanding the robot's fight arena isn't supposed to become the angry guy with the "punched in nose" (which happens in Solo, if it turns out to be true) that angrily talk to the heroes when they enter the Cantina? [starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Cornelius_Evazan , according to wikia?]. I was really thinking this while watching Solo, but someone may need to have a look at ANH's scene and that Solo scene again to confirm/rebute it May 28 '18 at 13:47
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    @OlivierDulac, no that character is called Ralakili
    – Edlothiad
    May 28 '18 at 13:58
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    Benthic or Edrio Two-Tubes (from Rogue One) may have been one of the Cloud-Riders, but it might just be an individual from the same species. May 28 '18 at 23:34
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    Aurra Sing appeared in TPM too :) We can see her in the Boonta Eve : starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Aurra_Sing
    – iammg
    May 29 '18 at 9:23

Since L3-37 has been "uploaded" to the Millenium Falcon, I would argue that she is in all the movies in which the Millenium Falcon appears : ANH, ESB, RotJ, TFA, TLJ.

  • The character, however, hadn't existed before the prequel novel to Solo, and therefore wasn't in the films.
    – Edlothiad
    May 28 '18 at 8:31

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