In Black Panther (2018), Erik Killmonger disembarks the plane (after having saved Klaue) and asks Klaue:

Erik: You always sell to the CIA?

Klaue: I sell to the highest bidder. But don't you worry. When I get back to Jo'burg...and I lay low for a bit, I'll make sure both you guys get paid.

Why did Klaue want to lay low?

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    When you're "a black-market arms dealer gangster and international criminal" it's probably advisable to lay low for a bit whenever you go somewhere new just to make sure you're safe and secure in that area.
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Remember that Wakanda has wanted to capture Klaue for a long time, meaning they never stopped looking for him. That's why we have this exchange (emphasis mine)

SHURI: You will never guess who just popped up on our radar. A misidentified Wakandan artifact... was stolen yesterday from a British museum. We have learned Ulysses Klaue... plans to sell the vibranium to an American buyer... in South Korea...tomorrow night.
T'CHALLA: Klaue has escaped our pursuits for almost 30 years. Not capturing him is, perhaps, my father's greatest regret. I wish to bring Klaue back here to stand trial.

Klaue just had a narrow escape from them, meaning he has to lay low or the Wakandans will send more people after him. As it turns out (pretty hefty spoiler)

Erik Killmonger is really a Wakandan prince. He only rescued Klaue from T'Challa so he could kill him himself, turn him in for favor among the local Wakandans, and then use that to foment a rebellion so he could take over Wakanda

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