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Has the Marvel Universe ever crossed over with DC Universe in any books, comics, cartoons or movies?

I mean did any character or event, maybe idea or location slip from one universe to the other?

I often see art where DC characters fight, talk, drink, play, etc. with characters from Marvel.

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There are at least 16 cases of Marvel/DC crossover, beginning with “Superman vs. The Amazing Spider-Man” in 1976. Other teamups include Spider-Man & Batman, X-Men & Teen Titans, Daredevil & Batman, and JLA & Avengers. You can see a list here.

In addition, the two companies have often spoofed and 'borrowed' from each other. Marvel introduced the Squadron Sinister as a thiny veiled, villanous version of Justice League. Squadron Sinister later got a good, parallel universe version called Squadron Supreme. The first version of the Shi'ar Imperial Guard had quite a lot in common with DC's Legion of Super-Heroes (probably because the X-Men artist at the time, Dave Cockrum, had drawn LSH for years). DC's General Glory was, in return, originally a spoof on Captain America. There are probably many more such examples.


You may be looking for the marvel parallel universe known as Earth-7642

In this universe, Marvel and DC characters coexist with one another. It also includes characters from other franchises, such as the Transformers, WildC.A.T.s, Witchblade, and Shi.

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