In the movie Tron (1982) we get to know most of the programs' functions, original or actual.

So, for example, we're told that Tron is a security program, Ram an actuarial program, Dumont an Input/Output program, even it is stated that the Master Control Program was originally a chess game.

But what kind of program was Sark, the "brutal and needlessly sadistic" commander of the MCP, played by David Warner?

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    Ham generator!! Or actually, probably a security program very similar to Tron, just created by Dillinger to assist the MCPs efforts.
    – Radhil
    Jun 16, 2018 at 23:59

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Sark appears to be a custom program, designed specifically to assist and support the MCP on the grid. It's persistently referred to, in the film's official novelisation as "the Command Program".

That moment seemed near. The User-Believer shifted uneasily as he waited. He was determined to do his best; that was as it should be with a program. But his adversary was Sark, the Command Program.

Sark the Red, the unbeaten; Sark the tall, merciless Warrior, had won so consistently that he no longer kept track of his victories. It was Sark who served as Lord of the System, under the rulership of the Master Control Program. Sark’s mission, the Master Control Program’s prime objective, was to wipe out all loyalty to the Users.

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