I have been watching Star Trek: Voyager for the last few days and they have been categorizing humanoids by class. So far, I heard of class three and class five.

I checked on Memory Alpha and the available information on that topic is ludicrous:

Class 5 humanoid is a humanoid categorization class used by B'Elanna Torres to categorize the Vhnori decaying bodies found on an asteroid around a planet on stardate 48623.5 (2371).

Yes. That's really everything.

Does anyone have an idea what each of those humanoid classes mean?


There is no canon or licensed work that discusses the humanoid class system except for the brief mention by B'Elanna Torres you cited. You can consider it minor technobabble used to make Torres's dialogue sound more technical.

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    This is entirely correct. And she needed all the help she could get, considering she literally couldn't identify feces without a tricorder. – Jeff Feb 16 '11 at 13:40

"Class 3 humanoid" was another Starfleet classification for certain types of humanoids. The Vidiians, for example, were described thusly in VOY: Phage

JANEWAY: Did you find any evidence of the life sign that Neelix reported?


KIM: Captain, I've analysed the sensor logs from Neelix's tricorder. The bio-scanner picked up a single class three humanoid organism.

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