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This whole question is going to be spoiler heavy up to the end of season 5. I've only spoilered the very biggest shock - the majority is openly discussed.

What we can observe

So, shockingly, they managed to break the time loop. I know... who would have predicted that!

We know that in both loops Daisy leaves the Quinjet, and shouts something at another occupant before she walks away (we infer the Coulson was inside it in both timelines.)
We assume that in the looped timeline, Talbot and Daisy fight, Talbot overpowers Daisy and Talbot absorbs her, and then shatters the Earth.

Robin specifically comments on the timelines having diverged, but she does so whilst going down the stairs with her mum. I.e. after Mack goes into the ship, and after Fitz and May follow him in to help, and after Mack leaves with her mum and Fitz and May stay behind to fight the last Remorath soldiers.

Fitz is killed by a rubble-fall

caused by Talbot slamming Daisy into the ground from a great height, but that happens before Daisy takes the serum.

The change point is implied to have been Coulson's decision to not take the serum, but that doesn't start to change Daisy or Talbot's behaviour until the point at which she notices the serum in her glove.

i.e. after Mack has escaped from the ship and Fitz has been mortally wounded.


Wasn't Mack supposed to die then, in the looped timeline?

There's a bunch of stuff about Yoyo losing Mack, and I'm pretty sure I remember an exchange talking about how Mack and Robin's mum weren't alive in the loop, so the implication was that at least some of the characters were expecting Mack to die rescuing her if the timeline didn't change.

But the change seems to have occurred after the point at which Mack was no longer in danger?

Do we have any other hints / implications about what happened here in the looped timeline?

  • When Mack is in the ship, Fitz mention May that he is not supposed to get out, so they decide to go after him, which ends on the death of one of the characters. This event, however, is irrelevant. If Daisy had not taken the serum, the only difference would be that Mack gets into the lighthouse instead of Fitz, while the Earth is breaking apart. – LudovicoN Sep 24 '18 at 18:35

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