About two episodes or so in to the second season of Westworld, bullets magically became deadly to humans. A human gets shot (by Grace) just to verify he was human and not a machine. He was a bit bruised, though if a machine gets shot it's interpreted as much more than a bruise.

So presuming all of the ammunition in the park wasn't magically switched out, how are these same bullets now able to kill humans?

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This is explained in an interview with Lisa Joy. The bullets are “smart” simunitions and when the park goes out of control, they revert to being ordinary rounds.

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    Here is a quote from Christopher Nolan: “It’s not the guns, it’s the bullets. We thought a lot about this. In the original films, the guns won’t operate guest on guest. We felt the guests would want to have a more visceral experience. So when they’re shot, it has an impact. They’re called ‘simmunitions.’ There’s a bit of an impact, a bit of a sting, so it’s not entirely consequence free for the guests.”
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