I read this a long time ago - perhaps online in a newsgroup, in the 90s, perhaps in a printed collection.

What I remember is this guy was driving through the desert on a highway. Some roadside trash was blown up onto his windshield, and there was a mouth on the bottom side. Apparently these creatures/aliens/whatevers imitated roadside trash - flattened cardboard box, etc - and would eat the roadkill animals.


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Could be "Roadkill" by Mercedes Lackey. Seems to be about a man driving and seeing a piece of roadside debris eating roadkill. You can read it here.

It leapt up at the last possible second, landing with a splat, splayed across his windshield. He had a brief, horrifying impression of some kind of face, flattened and distorted, red eyes and huge, beaver-like teeth as long as his hand—

Got the answer from someone looking for the same thing here.

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    Yup! Spent a lot of time reading the various free offerings from Baen, thanks much!
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