In episode 17 of the new Ducktales, a sequence of binary numbers appears as follows:

010010101 0110101101 01101001

These translate in decimal to:

149 429 105

I may have mistranscribed the numbers (autocorrect...) but what do these numbers mean?


It was intended to be a message, but the art department didn't do it according to the Director's tweet:

In the Storyboard, Artist Ben Holm made the binary to read “Remember Number 4” implying that robo-goon Number 3 had been living in that cave mourning his fallen comrade for 40+ years. But, I imagine it was a bit too much detail for the BG design. Maybe the designer intended JKI?

  • Well done, that answers things very neatly, although I am a little sad that it ended up being nonsense. – Broklynite Jul 10 '18 at 10:08

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