When I was still in elementary school I would watch a cartoon which had these dinosaurs that would fight bad guys. They each wore metal armor on their bodies. They were all the same size but I can't recall if they were the same species of dinosaur.

I know later in the series their armor actually could combine with them in it to create a vehicle of some sort.

That is all I can remember; I don't remember the colors of the dinosaurs, just that they were all in small frame like they used to do and were all the same size. Any help would be appreciated.

  • I know it isn't Dinosaucers.
  • It's not Dino Riders because the cartoon I remember had small talking dinosaurs with metal armour on them.
  • They were living creatures so it also wasn't Dinobots either.

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I found the answer. It was The Adventures of T. Rex. Thank you for everyone's help.

green, blue, yellow, pink, and purple T-Rexes in metal armor

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