Hardback by an American writer, possibly a female. Has an SF plot but was marketed as a 'young adult with problem' story. YA audience, may have a one-word title. Teenage boy disappears after a UFO sighting (possibly near a lake). After some missing time (days, I think) he is returned to Earth, unharmed & with no memory of what happened. The boy never remembers what happened aboard the UFO; the entire story describes the aftermath of his experience, how he deals with the problems fame brings him.


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Your brief synopsis seems a lot like the 1986 movie Flight of the Navigator in which a 12-yer-old boy disappears and returns 8 years later but not a day older. But I have been unable to find out if there was a novelization of Flight of the Navigator published.

  • It does resemble Flight of the Navigator (makes me wonder which came first), but that is not the story I am looking for. As far as I can remember this book had nothing to do with Hollywood. Commented Jul 24, 2018 at 16:35

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