Note: Don't spoil anything past the Superman Reborn crossover.

I've been reading Superman, Action Comics, and a little bit of Batman and just thought of something.

I was surprised when I looked up New Krypton to see what had happened to it during The New 52 but found that the whole arc took place on New Earth and was Pre-New 52. So, when I looked up the DC Wikia page about it on Prime Earth, it did not exist!

So, here's my question: is it known if New Krypton does/did or doesn't exist on Prime Earth?

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There are both Kryptonians and a "New Krypton" on Prime Earth.


There are a few Kryptonians (I count 14) that have made appearances, including:

Others: Jonathan Lane Kent, Rao, Xa-Du, Lor-Zod, Faora Hu-Ul, Lar-On, Jan-Al, Kon.

New Krypton

Revealed after the 4 part cross-over in March of 2017, the New Krypton on Prime Earth is called Jekuul.

A planet conquered by Zod, that he makes his home. It is called "New Krypton" for the first time in Action Comics #996

Superman on Jekuul

In the next panel the planet is identified as Jekuul.

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