The story I remember concerns a lady advertising executive in the future. Her firm is given a non negotiable assignment by the military to help increase female recruitment.

She does this by upgrading the female uniform to make it more glamorous, and coming up with space suits that include cute keys with the astronaut's name on them so that they can be traded with fellow astronauts as a romantic gesture; actually, of course, as a safety matter, they're completely interchangeable. The military is so outraged that they threaten to draft her entire organization.

The owner of the firm, who has secretly adored her for decades, comes to the rescue by announcing that he will go public with an accusation that the military has driven her insane with worry for her colleagues.

The story was from the 50s/60s


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A-W-F Unlimited by Frank Herbert (1960)

Gwen Everest is a advertising executive. One fine day Gwen arrived at her firm and some military people, angry that the WOMS (Women of Space) recruitment program was an utter failure. Gwen stirs things up by redesigning the uniforms and space suits, which really makes the military angry.

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