On the TV show Wynnona Earp, there's a curse, apparently pronounced by the demon sheriff Clootie, on both the Earps and the revenants. It's pretty clear that it's on the Earps, because the characters frequently talk about how the Earps are cursed to hunt down the people killed by Wyatt.

Except, what does the curse really mean for Earps? It's easy enough to see what it means for revenants: they're condemned to Hell, to come back whenever an Earp heir dies, and they suffer terribly if they cross the boundary of the Ghost River Triangle. But the Earps:

  • Can cross the boundary (Wynnona's done it at least at the beginning of the first and second seasons).

  • Don't seem to be condemned to Hell upon death, unless I missed a reference.

  • Don't seemed to be compelled to shoot revenants on sight, or suffer any ill effects from not doing so.

  • And otherwise don't seem to be bound to hunt down revenants at all, except for logical reasons of self-defense or preventing the more dangerous ones from killing people.

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