Looking for a Harry Potter fan-fic where Harry runs away.

He tries to go to Hermione's but Snape shows up and it turns out that Snape is Harry's dad. Snape lives with Lucius as his head of family. Draco does not want to believe Harry is Snape's son; he calls Harry "scar head" and pushes him after Harry tells Draco what Draco's runespore said about him. Harry's accidental magic acts up and he grows a tree in the snake atrium. The snakes in the atrium room all belong to Draco.

He begs the adults not to punish them, and he puts up a shield wandlessly. Harry is an elemental emp or elf, maybe a Veela. There is spanking in this story; Draco's mom punishes Draco for his bad behaviour with a magical hair brush (it is not really magical she just tells him that so his pride is not hurt). Harry was abused by the Dursleys that is why he ran away. Harry has a flashback when Draco called him a freak, that is why his magic acted up; Harry has scars and Draco sees them.

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I found it! "An Unexpected Surprise" by TRUMAN'S SHELL

He took Severus away from his son and me. Yes Remus, Harry is Severus' son. I used a stasis spell two weeks after Severus left me. Did you never wonder why I married James so quickly? You knew my love for Severus was true. Yes I loved James, but that love was always as a friend.


"It appears Harry has runaway from home. Would you please find him?"


"So Lord Malfoy is your father, now?"
"No, I consider him to be my older brother, but he does have the right to control my inheritance like a parent does. He also is the Head of our family," Severus said with a smile.


"I'm not fucking jealous of Potter!" Draco screeched angrily. "He's a scar headed orphan, who hangs out with mudbloods, and blood traitors! He's a bloody Gryffindor! Dumbledore's puppet! He isn't worth anything, let alone my bloody jealousy!"


"Ah used your so called magic hairbrush?" Lucius said knowingly.
"Yes and since I used a brush, I hope you won't spank him again."


A beautiful oleander tree standing in the middle of the atrium was a dead give away of who lost control of their magic. Lucius didn't have to be a seer to know that Draco's mouth had led to Harry's accidental magic. What did surprise the patriarch of the Malfoy family was seeing Harry in a ball sobbing on Draco's lap and that his son was running his fingers through the younger boy's hair, whispering soft words in the boy's ear.

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