I first saw this graphic novel in the store called “Movie and trading co”. When I saw the cover for the first time, I wanted to give it a chance, but I didn’t have the money to pay for it back then. I forget about the book, till now I just remember the cover of the graphic novel, which had the following details:

  • A man and a woman kissing

  • The woman has short blonde hair, wears glasses, has a pink top.

  • The background was white.

  • The man has black hair, I think he has tan skin, wears an orange top, and there were mechanical parts coming out of his head floating to the left side of the cover.

I think it was published around 2010, but I'm not 100% sure of that.

  • Did you open the graphic novel? Do you remember any of the plot? – Edlothiad Aug 14 '18 at 5:11
  • Unfortunately no, I only read the story premises one time. I don’t know the story plot. I think it have to do with the guy have an car accident that dramatic change his life. – AliArt Aug 14 '18 at 5:31
  • I don’t think Dc, nor Marvel published the graphic novel. – AliArt Aug 14 '18 at 5:34
  • I don’t think this help at all, but I remember the book being a hard cover. – AliArt Aug 14 '18 at 5:41
  • Not to point out the obvious, but have you asked the staff/owner of the store where you saw it? – Valorum Aug 14 '18 at 19:18

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