I know that Rogue can absorb “memories” when she touches someone, but that’s a very vague, handwavey term. Does she absorb practical skill sets as well? By that I mean not just the theory but the skills itself. Example- if she touched a martial arts master, does she just know how to throw a punch properly, or can she fight at a master level?


From her profile on Marvel.com (emphasis mine):

Rogue's mutant ability requires skin-to-skin contact to absorb memories, powers, personality traits, physical talents, and strength.

The combination of memories + physical talents indicates to me that, were she to touch a martial arts master, she would be able to fight at that master's level, as if she were that master.

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    It may be worthy of note that (based on various comments made over the years) a fair part of her training has been spent learning to maintain control of her mind when she picks up someone else's memories, etc. This might serve to limit her ability to fight as that master would. (At the least, it provides an "out" if they don't want her to for the purposes of the current story) – RDFozz Aug 14 '18 at 16:55

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