It is established that Rogue absorbs and is capable of utilizing powers from any mutant she makes skin to skin contact with, but what happens when Rogue makes contact with multiple mutants? Is she limited to only being able to utilize the most recently touched mutant, or is she able to 'stack' powers?

If she can 'stack' powers, is there any specific instance in the comics where she uses powers from multiple mutants simultaneously?

If she can only keep the power of the most recent mutant touched, is there any specific instance in the comics where this reaction is depicted?


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As Valorum notes, Rogue has done this on more than one occasion.

I believe the first time she did it was in Uncanny X-Men #194, cover-dated June 1985 (She joined the team in issue #180).

Kitty Pryde's the one who initiates it, as you see:

Kitty uses Rogue's power to communicate

Rogue becomes a one-man X-men team

Evidently, the editors guessed that this development would be of interest, featuring her temporary "new look" on the cover:

Cover of *Uncanny X-Men* #194

As Valorum noted in the comments, she's done it several times since. They haven't always decided that it would modify here appearance; in Uncanny X-Men 517 (cover-dated January 2010), her appearance is unchanged, despite drawing powers from characters with such unusual appearances as Rockslide, Anole, and Mercury:

Rogue absorbing multiple powers

Rogue using multiple powers

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