I read this drarry fan fiction story a while ago but I forgot the name of it. Here are a few details that I remember:

  • There are around 60 chapters.

  • I remember reading it on a site with a dark greenish background and black font.

  • I believe it is set before or after Half Blood Prince.

  • Harry goes through some changes early on and grows a pair of wings (that I believe can be activated from his wrist area but that might be wrong). Hermoine and Dumbledore do some digging and say he’s a guardian angel. “The son of god”. According to Dumbledore, Harry was sent to Earth to save them all.

  • Narcissa’s anamagius is a lion I believe and she stays in that form as she watches the final battle from the stands with Lucius.

  • Harry and Draco are in love. I believe that the share magic and can feel the other but again that might be wrong.

  • In the final chapters, Harry and Draco duel Voldemort and his partner. Draco was revealed to be Harry’s partner. Harry and Draco defeat Voldemort

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