Is this gesture only reserved for the discommendation ceremony (TNG: “Sins of the Father”), and subsequent reminders of the status (TNG: “Reunion”)?

Have we seen Klingons use that gesture under any other circumstances?

  • There are multiple questions here. You need to remove the ones that are too broad (Has that gesture been used anywhere else? What about similar gestures in other sci-fi worlds?) – Valorum Aug 24 '18 at 17:11
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    FYI - I removed the part of the question asking if similar gestures are used in other SF works, as that's overly broad on the face of it. Without that, I believe this is an answerable question. If you disagree with the edit, feel free to roll it back, of course. And, welcome to SFF.SE! – RDFozz Aug 24 '18 at 17:40

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