In Wreck-it Ralph, Vanellope is confirmed to be the Princess of Sugar Rush. This would imply that she’s either the daughter of a King and/or Queen or that she, as supreme ruler of the Kingdom should be the Queen.

It occurred to me that the Kingdom might actually be a principality (albeit one ruled by a princess) but is there anything that explains her status?

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    Are you asking if there's any in-universe evidence that this is a Principality as per en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Principality?
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    This seems to be attracting downvotes because it starts with an unfounded assumption. I've done a big edit to try to make it less guess-work-y and more focused.
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    Thanks @Valorum, that seems to make the question better. Hopefully it will stem the tide of downvotes (or that new downvoters would comment on how this question can be further improved). Commented Aug 24, 2018 at 19:36
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    @Thunderforge - There's still a confusing number of close votes being cast. I suspect that there's a bit of less-than-careful reviewing going on here
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The very short answer is that world of Sugar Rush isn't a fully formed society that has grown and evolved over time. It's basically a snapshot of a community that was created by its in-universe writers as the setting for a series of races that take place within a small (and ill-defined) society presided over by a Princess. In short, there never was a real King Candy since the society was birthed, fully-formed with Princess Vanellope as its absolute ruler.

Q. Was King Candy an existing character in the game, or did Turbo create him from scratch?

Raymond S. Persi: Good question. I think King Candy didn’t exist before Turbo got there. That’s why Vanellope was on the side and the ruler of the world.


Q. is that answer regarding King Candy 100% canon or just your own personal theory?

Raymond S. Persi: That’s what we were going for. Turbo snuck into Sugar Rush, created a new persona in the form of King Candy and reprogrammed everyone to think he had always been around.

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