I started reading a fantasy book about 3-4 months ago and for the life of me I can't locate the book in my Kindle or Audible library.

The story is about traveling party of 4-5 characters. One was a male human, one was a female who was half-human and half-elf. One character was an older human male who was a kick-ass fighter and he had to fight off and kill a male warrior elf. He did not want to fight the elf but the elf was very proud and would not relent. The group was being hunted.

The half-human/half-elf female had learned she was a half-elf on the road with the group. She was embraced by a group of elves and they told her about her Elf heritage. The girl had elf-like qualities (was able to move across the earth stealthly) but did not know her heritage until someone in the group told her about her parents.

Her dad was 100% elf and the mom was 100% human. They fell in love against society's wishes and went off to live together. The elf man ended up leaving his human wife and child in order to save his family.

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