We know Ron Weasley had a great-aunt named Muriel. However, this was on his mother's side, so they wouldn't share a name. If Muriel is related to Molly on her father's side, she could be Muriel Prewett, but we don't know if she is. Is anything known on the topic?


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We don't know:

Her surname is unknown. It may be Prewett, but only if she is related to Molly on her father's side.

- Muriel - Harry Potter Wikia

There's also no reference to her surname on Pottermore.

Surname possibly Prewett? As Molly's aunt, Muriel could be either the sister or the sister-in-law of Molly's parents. Even if Muriel is a connection through Molly's father, a Prewett, that doesn't necessarily mean that Muriel's adult surname was Prewett. The only thing that is certain is that Muriel is not a Weasley.

- Auntie Muriel - HP-Lexicon

Heres another quote that enforces the fact that we can't be sure of her Surname

Ron's Auntie Muriel (no mention whether she's a Weasley or a Prewett, though her opinions suggest she is a Prewett) is an aged, outspoken, eccentric relative of the Weasley family.

- Auntie Muriel - Wikibooks.org


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