Shrek 2 revolves around Prince Charming being with Fiona.

But then in Shrek the Third, he is with Rapunzel.

A few people have theorised that he isn’t Fiona’s Prince, but Rapunzel’s Prince and that The Fairy Godmother (Dama Fortuna) ripped his happy ending with her and hid the truth about it.

So is he based on Rapunzel’s Prince from the Rapunzel fairytale?

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    Charming is quite clearly a composite character based on several Disney characters (and loaded up with the whole not-quite-like-Disney schtick that film is parodying); – Valorum Aug 26 '18 at 20:25
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    Q: ... *how attracted were you, as a gay man, to the idea that you'd be playing Prince Charming the quintessence of...pompousness? Rupert: I don't think you should think of yourself as a gay man playing Prince Charming, you're an actor playing Prince Charming. The interesting thing about Prince Charming in this film is that he's NOT Prince Charming. He's a snake. So the thing that's interesting to an actor is, really, the fun you can have playing a character that is stereotypically one thing and then you're going to discover that there's another facet to him. – Valorum Aug 26 '18 at 20:36

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