Years ago I read a book about a near miss by an asteroid or comet. I don’t remember the name or author but I remember three things.

Travelers go to Chicago and find it empty and Lake Michigan had tilted and the flood ran through the city.

Astronauts that were stranded came back and ended up landing their capsule in Disneyland.

And at the very end, train travel was the best way to get around and two of the characters were on their way to the dedication of the new Capitol building in DC.


Could it have been Lucifer's Hammer by Larry Nivens and Jerry Pournelle?

That book had massive destruction on Earth and many extreme right-wing political commentaries. (One character explicitly thinks that despite the deaths of billions, on the bright side feminism is gone).

  • That’s true. I’ve been trying to find this book forever. – Gregg Aug 26 '18 at 23:35
  • 1
    There's no visit to Chicago that I can remember though. – tbrookside Aug 27 '18 at 0:04
  • 1
    No Disney World or Florida either IIRC. Most of Lucifer's Hammer is set in California. – Organic Marble Aug 27 '18 at 0:21
  • 4
    @OrganicMarble I agree. All the stuff about Chicago, Lake Michigan, and trains running to DC doesn't sound like Lucifer's Hammer to me. Must be some other novel. – Lorendiac Aug 27 '18 at 0:28
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    @Gregg: While this one might not be a match, the way to accept an answer is to click on the checkmark by the voting buttons. – FuzzyBoots Aug 27 '18 at 0:46

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