In Harry Potter most of the people are afraid to say Voldermort's name and they use the alias you-know-who.

I'm looking for other characters whose names are even feared by the public in fantasy stories. A candidate that is feared that much by the common folk could be Sauron, but his name is spoken many times in LoTR without any fear.

This looks like a list question but I'm not looking for a complete link, just examples.

  • I'm also interested in real world examples of this, but that might be out of topic for this site, thus you don't have to include them in answers.

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  • @user14111 - also a number of supernatural creatures, fey, spirits, and so on. A number of generic names for faeries (good neighbors, little people, etc) come from not wanting to name their kind directly lest one draws their attention. – Megha Aug 27 '18 at 6:15
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    In Rider Haggard's novel "She", the immortal Ayesha is generally referred to as "She who must be obeyed" or simply "She", since using her real name may attract her attention - and you wouldn't want that, – Klaus Æ. Mogensen Aug 27 '18 at 7:21
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    TVTropes has your lists. Even multiple lists depending on what you want. tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/BeCarefulWhatYouSay tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/SpeakOfTheDevil – Zoredache Aug 27 '18 at 22:40
  • @Zoredache “speak of the devil” is what I was looking for. Could be the accepted answer if the question was not put on hold. :( – atayenel Aug 28 '18 at 9:18