I recall this being the case, but I can't find evidence for it when looking recently.

This still being the case could be supported by:

  1. Having Greek culture and language, architecture, etc

  2. Atlantis being a Greek 'myth'

  3. They worship and are seemingly under the domain of classical Greek gods, and their cities are named after these gods

I understand that Atlanteans are their own culture and people, but it seemed that early on they were Greek, or very much Greek inspired/adjacent.

Can anyone confirm or deny?


The first generation of underwater-dwelling Atlanteans are depicted in Superman no. 129, in which Lori Lemaris makes her debut appearance.

page 31

The dress and architecture of the Atlanteans appear similar to that of the ancient Greeks. However, the people's appearances are not Greek looking at all. I would conclude that the Atlanteans were culturally, but not racially, similar to the ancient Greeks.

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