Given that Quidditch has a World Cup, what teams are involved? Mainly asking as Scotland hasn't been in a World Cup since the late 90s and wondering if we are as bad at Quidditch as football (hoping with JKs heritage she might have snuck Scotland in?).


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Any country can enter a team into the Quidditch World Cup.

Though the countries involved in the Quidditch World Cup varies, any country can enter a team as long as they do so within the required timeframe before the next Cup is held.

The number of countries that enter a Quidditch team for each World Cup fluctuates from tournament to tournament. Where the wizarding population of a country is small it can be difficult to raise a team of the required standard, but other factors such as international conflict or disaster may affect the entry numbers. However, any country may enter a team within the twelve months following the last final.
- History of the Quidditch World Cup (Pottermore)

The teams that enter then have to play against each other, and the top sixteen are the ones who’ll actually be able to compete in the Quidditch World Cup itself.

Teams are then divided into sixteen groups within which every team plays all the others over a two-year period until sixteen winning teams remain.
- History of the Quidditch World Cup (Pottermore)

Scotland does have its own team and has competed in the Quidditch World Cup before.

Canada 270 – Scotland 240
A bitter disappointment for Scotland, whose Seeker Hector Lamont missed catching the Snitch by millimetres. In a post-match interview, Hector famously lambasted his father (‘Stubby’ Lamont) for not giving him longer fingers.
- History of the Quidditch World Cup (Pottermore)

Though they didn’t win the Cup, Scotland made it into at least one final.


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