A movie where a group of people teleports to a deserted place through a ring-shaped machine. They enter from one side of the machine and it takes them like they're going through space, and just jumps out to a deserted place. They find people with some creatures, and in one scene the people of that place have them for the campfire where a dinosaur is provided as the dinner. A guy from the group eats it, shows symbols that it tasted like chicken, and then another person from the same group translates it for the people of that place.

I think I watched it around 2002-2005. Not sure though.

But the thing I remember the most is the one mentioned above saying they bring dinosaurs for dinner in a campfire.


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Stargate (1994). Archeologist Daniel Jackson is presented some mystery meat/creature, everyone else declines he takes a bite and declares that it tastes like chicken (a popular trope).

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