Given the power of the unified Infinity Stones, had Thanos decreed half the universe out of existence without specifying himself as an exclusion?

Could he have accidentally wiped himself out?

The previous 'similar' questions referred to everyone else and not the bearer specifically.

The answer of this seemingly similar question states: "It appears to be determined by the wielder"

But this doesn't answer the question specifically, although it says "...the randomness appears to be true randomness, but this is by conscious design".

But no where do we see Thanos excluding himself from this randomness.

Thus going back to the original question: Could he have accidentally wiped himself out?

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    @Edlothiad - I don't think those are dupes. OP is asking if Thanos excluded himself from the process, not how the process works.
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    It's not a duplicate. I'm not asking about which half or anyone else. Just Thanos since he's the bearer of the stones. Sep 3, 2018 at 23:44
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    I’m not 100% sure it would have been an accident — his original plan on Titan, as he describes it, was a random lottery that didn’t discriminate. Presumably it would have included him. It’s quite possible that his finger snap did include him as a potential victim, intentionally. Then again, he did also say that he planned to watch the sun rise on a grateful universe after completing his plan, so maybe he thought he deserved to live to see the results. Sep 4, 2018 at 8:46
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    Any way to appeal to the moderators who incorrectly labelled this as a duplicate? Oct 20, 2018 at 16:38

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Thanos (probably) included himself in the lottery.

According to a Q&A session that the Russo Brothers gave, Thanos does appear to have included himself in the random selection process. Note that he's never portrayed as anything other than a true believer in his own plan, one that he's literally willing to sacrifice his own children (and himself) in order to fulfil.

Q. What’s the possibility of Thanos killing himself when he snaps?

Russo: The possibility of him doing it?

Student: Yeah

Russo: As a part of his random execution? He could’ve- and you can ask if he allowed himself to be a part of that random process. He does have a very interesting look on his face. When we come back to him after the snap, before he disappears, a look of surprise.


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