Bruce takes Damian under his wing in 'Son of Batman', and becomes Robin. However, I wanted to know if Damian ever gets to see his mother again? Even in the comics, was there and evidence that Damian sees Tahlia again?

  • Films and comics aren't the same continuity, but yeah. Most recent example I can think of is Super Sons. Now to get to a computer and flesh out an answer... :) – Jenayah Sep 7 '18 at 21:30

As Jenayah commented, "Super Sons" #13 and #14 feature Tahlia.enter image description here

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If you are referring to the animated movie Son of Batman (2014), then yes. This movie had a sequel called Batman: Bad Blood (2016), where Damian does meet his mother again, at least once.

During the movie, spoiler below:

From what I heard, on the pretty end, Nightwing was fighting against a mind-controlled Batman (by Talia). At some point, Damian came to talk with his mother.

You will find a video of that scene below:

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