It's a movie from some time ago (15+ years).

A team is drilling, I think drilling in cold weather when the drill hits some goo. One of the drillers was sick came in contact with the goo and a few hours later is healthy. The scientist tests the goo and finds it's made to heal humans, at this time a drill team member is killed by the alien. The drill team then believes the alien is there to farm humans for food.

It isn't The Thing, Ice Crawlers, or Deep Freeze.


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This sounds like Survivor (AKA Survivors AKA Nightworld: Survivor, 1999).

Virtually every "alien at large" movie ever filmed is referenced in the made-for-TV shocker Survivor, which nonetheless manages to sustain audience attention with a few adroit cliché reversals. It seems that, billions of years ago, a race of extraterrestrials bred pre-evolutionary human beings for organ-harvesting purposes. Unfortunately, the alien ship bearing these primitive humans crashed on contact with the earth, and has remained frozen in the Arctic wastes ever since. Flash-forward to the present: Oil driller Adam King (Greg Evigan) and his team, cut off from civilization, inadvertently revive the sole survivor of the long-ago crash. Turns out that this creature is very, very hungry after his long sleep--and he has a distinct preference for the taste of human flesh!

You can watch the full movie below

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