I remember watching a cartoon, in the late '80s, for which I can't remember the name. The cartoon was surely American, had a light tone and was clearly aimed at kids.

It featured three robots as protagonists, that had no legs, could float/fly and that had a kind of TV screen as a head (the screen displayed their face). They were different colours, white, red and yellow, and lived together with the scientist who had built them and a cat.

Usually the episodes revolved about them fighting against different villains, among which there was even a robot similar to them.

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This is The Telebugs (1986-7)

The Telebugs is a British cartoon from the 1980s about the adventures of three robots with televisions for heads.

The Telebugs were a hi-tech trio of merry monitored robots created by absent-minded Professor Brainstrain. These robots were, in the professor's own words, 'Pwogwammed to help people in twouble', but more specifically to combat the new threat of computerized villains and advanced adversaries springing up around the country.

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