In Shrek 2, we are introduced to King Harold and Queen Lillian. At the end of the film, it is revealed that Harold was born a frog, which must mean that it was Lillian’s family who held the throne.

In Shrek the Third, we are introduced to Arthur Pendragon, who is Fiona’s maternal cousin. So Lillian’s surname must have been Pendragon as well.

Since Harold presumably didn’t have a surname before he died, should he have taken Lillian’s surname upon marriage?


Was Arthur specifically identified as the son of Lillian's brother, or of her sister? If the former, then he is a Pendragon and Lillian is not; otherwise then things are as you say.

Since this is a Hollywood production we're talking about, don't put too much faith in the producer's adherence to real-life rules of dynastic inheritance. Hollywood struggles to portray itself accurately, let alone anything requiring research.

  • Arthur is the son of Lillian's BROTHER, therefore Lillian's brother is Uther Pendragon. – Alex Downs Oct 1 '18 at 8:48

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