Very faint memories of this, probably from the original Battlestar TV series. I've tried searching for Wild West shootout and variations but no joy.

There was like a cowboy saloon and a fighter pilot went outside and had a 'draw and shoot' with a Cylon on the street, there was something about his gun (can't remember exactly what) and anyway he won.

I'm trying to track down the episode name/number.

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    It sounds almost like a Red Dwarf episode. – Burgi Sep 14 at 9:58
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Series 1 Episode 4 "The Lost Warrior" contains a Cylon gunslinger. The Wikipedia entry refers to this episode as:

Marooned on a frontier planet, Apollo befriends a young widow and her son, rallying a town against "Red Eye"— a likewise marooned, yet memory-damaged, Cylon centurion gunslinger. The storyline is very much reminiscent of the classic western Shane.

  • That's it! As soon as I saw "Red Eye" I remembered it. And it was indeed reminiscent of Shane. – Danny3414 Sep 14 at 10:31

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