It's a movie about a boy who is the typical little genius. I watched it in Italy in the early 80s.

The things I remember about the protagonist:

  • his chamber was full of electrical devices
  • he wore glasses and seemed to be about 12-13 years old and was a bit socially awkward
  • at one point, he accepts to play soccer with some kids; after realizing he wasn't good at the game, he invented a kind of force field, so that the ball bounced against it without scoring a goal (he was playing as goalkeeper, and stayed motionless all the time keeping his hands in front of himself)
  • the main plotline is about this boy using his inventions to defeat a group of burglars who wanted to steal something that was in his house.

The movie was targeted at younger audiences and didn't look like a big budget movie. It also seemed European rather than American.

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This is Blinker's Spy Spotter.

BLINKER’S SPY SPOTTER (1972) Bring on the first of many silly titles. Blinker (DAVID SPOONER) is the son of a professor who’s just invented the usual “top-secret device”. He’s also goalie for the local kid’s football team, and himself invents a “goal repeller” which works, much to the chagrin of symbolically-named rival team The Masons. Then he invents a radar (about fifty years after Albert Taylor did much the same thing, but details, details) and discovers – shock! Some nasty-but-bungling crooks are after the top secret effort! So the team set out to foil them. As you might expect.

  • Yes, I'm almost sure this is the movie I watched as kid! Thanks a lot!!!
    – McTroopers
    Commented Sep 18, 2018 at 19:58

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