There have been numerous instances in Star Trek where characters have been duplicated: by cloning, transporter accidents, holograms, alternate universes, imposters, and so on. Which characters have met their own duplicate?

For the purposes of this question:

  • Star Trek refers to any of its television series or movies. So the Animated Series counts, but comic books do not.
  • "Met" means being in the same room (or an equivalent proximity). Seeing each other on viewscreens does not count. Simultaneously swapping places does not count.
  • "Duplicate" is another entity played by the same actor, who could be reasonably be mistaken for the original character. So Data and Lore count, but Data and Dr. Soong do not count.
  • Please identify the episode or movie.

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William Riker met his transporter duplicate, Thomas Riker (TNG: Season 6 Episode 24, "Second Chances")


Captain Picard meets (and possibly kills) his duplicate in “Time Squared.”



Episode 21, season 2 - "Deadlock" (Star Trek": Voyager)

In fact the whole team of Voyager had their doubles in the episode, but not all of them met each other.

Fun fact: Kim was swapped with his double in the episode, which means in all the future episodes Kim is not the same Kim anymore, but it does not bother anyone.

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    Note that Samantha Wildman's child also replaced the baby who died in the duplicate crew. – Foxy Sep 29 '18 at 8:41
  • Rumor has it that Captain Janeway had plans to promote the "real" Harry Kim. The imposter? Not a chance. He's a permanent ensign, no matter what. – Ham Sandwich Sep 29 '18 at 20:50

Does the Doctor from Voyager meeting his creator Dr Zimmerman also count? (Episode "Life Line" of Star Trek: Voyager)


In the original series, Captain Kirk was "split" by a transporter malfunction into two versions of himself, which met and conflicted, and eventually merged in "The Enemy Witin."


I might as well post the example I put in the question:

Data and his brother Lore (TNG: Datalore, Brothers, Descent part I and II).

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