So this is when I was still quite young so it might not be accurate.

The details I could vividly remember is this man's weapon, it is sort of a gun. Before his epic action scene, there will always be a heart pumping scene and some mechanical stuff starts running.

He will load the gun with 3 different colour tubes (and starts describing them) into the gun and fire one very strong projectile to kill the enemy.


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Sounds like Final Fantasy: Unlimited, where the character Kaze wields the Magun, a gun capable of summoning monsters. Each time he fires it, the gun "unfolds" in a transformation sequence, then he picks three cartridges of colored "soil" whose signification he explains before firing the gun.

At various points in the sequence, the gun is shown to have a beating heart, which is shown beating faster in the last plan just before it fires.

There are a few examples of it being used in this YouTube clip:

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    Yes thank you very much. This is the one
    – Hensley
    Oct 8, 2018 at 9:55

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