This movie must have been from the 70s or 80s. I don't remember the plot, just some images. I believe there are several cyborgs in a room waiting to go do something. Most of the movie might take place in this one room. I remember early on in the movie the cyborgs are all suspicious of each other (the other cyborgs in the room).

Additional points;

  • They might not all be cyborgs.

  • There might be a scene with a cyborg penis at some point (or this is could be from a different movie).

  • The movie had a very dark mood.


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It is a long shot, but:

It could be Inquest of Pilot Pirx, IMDB, from 1979:

enter image description here

In this movie some significant part takes place in the cabin of the spacecraft 'Goliath'. The crew consist of astronauts, humans, and non-humans (called 'nonlinears'). No one knows about others occupation (human or non-human), and so they suspect each other (trying to figure out who is human and who is robot). Some of them report to the captain about possible 'occupation' of the other crew members.

Plot summary

Spaceship pilot Pirx is hired for a mission to test probes to be placed in the Cassini Division, a gap between rings of Saturn, while the real secret goal was to evaluate some nonlinears (androids with "nonlinear" characteristics) for use as crew members on future space flights. The mission meets with a near disaster and the human crew are almost killed.

Upon returning to Earth there is an inquest to determine if Pirx was responsible for the accident. Pirx recounts the events and in the end it is established that one of the robots caused the malfunction of a probe and attempted to pass through the Division to launch the probe manually, an attempt which would kill the human crew members and prove the superiority of nonlinears over humans.

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