The thought process behind this question is very simple, and a little bit silly:

Now the sneezing process for us normal air-breathers is pretty simple as I understand it: nose detects an intruder, stuff moves in there, muscles contract and the second after you expire a good chunk of air.

Atlanteans have roughly the same anatomy as humans, save for stuff in their throat that enable them to breathe water, talk, etc. So, I reckon the same sneezing process, with water instead of air, might be a possibility too.

Is there a depiction of an Atlantean sneezing underwater?

Scope is any DC material (comics first, TV shows, movies, novels even...).


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Aquaman sneezes in Batman: The Brave and the Bold - Bold Beginnings! when he's trapped in an industrial freezer. As a minimum this demonstrates that Atlanteans (as a species) are capable of sneezing.

He comments that he's sorry, but

"the ocean never gets this cold"

enter image description here

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