I wasn’t able to find this novel since I've read it as a child/teenager at least 10 years ago, but more like 15.

The story goes somewhat like this:
A boy escapes the siege of his father’s castle. His family gets killed and he decides to travel as far away as he can. He meets a band of thieves and joins them. In their travel he somehow learns he is the Incarnation of a master swordsman and his quest is to find a girl which is also the Inkarnation of His Love. Somehow he find's her at a big caravan. He learns that they together need to find and save their original Homeland.

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    What do they need to find? I think it got cut off. – FuzzyBoots Oct 10 '18 at 0:50
  • They need to find their Homeland - it's a long lost City or something like that. Sry i wrote this text by phone last night :/ – Stefan F. Oct 10 '18 at 7:19
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    Sounds a little bit like Magician by Ray Feist (crydee.com/raymond-feist/book-synopsis/magician) but that book is almost 40 years old and I don't remember a caravan. – Sam Jan 30 at 19:59
  • sadly not :( but the story is kinda similar to this one... thanks for answering :) – Stefan F. Jan 31 at 9:10

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