Vader's role in the Empire/Imperial Forces was already discussed multiple times (here for example).

I understand that he has a special role, not comparable to any position in real world military and he primarily executed special tasks given by the emperor, like finding the rebel base, capturing Luke and so on.

But I asked myself what his day-to-day tasks were. Are there any canon sources (Legends would be fine for me, too) what he did on a day to day basis? Did he have administrative tasks or something of the like? I find it hard to believe all he did was meditating or standing on the bridge of a ship being bad-ass, when there weren't any urgent tasks (things we see him do in the movies)

Trying to be more specific:

  • What did he do after he arrived on the Death Star 2 until the Emperor and later the Rebels showed up?
  • What did he do during the time after the first Death Star was destroyed (his primary task seemed to be finding the rebel base, but again, I can hardly imagining him always standing on a bridge and giving orders like "Ok, go there, fly this way")

Are there any information on this topic?

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Vader didn't have daily routine

In Canon, life of Vader is now described in two comics series : Star Wars:Darth Vader and Star Wars: Darth Vader: Dark Lord of the Sith. Without mentioning details, Vader was task-oriented. Those tasks would (of course) mostly came from his master Palpatine. Sometimes he had to work alone, sometimes in small groups, sometimes he commanded fleets and armies ... Palpatine often tested him by pitting him against other Imperials, Vader tried to clandestinely work for his own interests, but Palpatine mostly foresaw this. Vader acted according to Palpatine's plans even if he didn't know that (this is one of the reasons Vader feared and respected Palpatine). Vader did have some time for himself (for example to build his castle on Mustafar), and this is he used to better understand Dark Side of the Force.

Overall, Vader was not tied to specific unit, system or Galactic Sector, so he didn't regularly attend boring administrative meetings if they didn't concern his current mission.

As a high force in the Empire, he most likely had many boring day to day tasks that Lucasfilm does not bother showing us. One of these scenes is on the Death Star, when he is attending the board room meeting and terrorizing the poor workers. He just attends meetings, and reports his progress to the Emperor, as shown throughout the movies. He reports down to exterminate Rebel Forces spread out and about the galaxy, as on Cloud City. His day to day life is not very exciting, as most people's life's are.

  • Do you have any sources or evidence you can link to that supports your theory? – Longshanks Oct 13 at 8:07
  • No but we have evidence from the movies – Mr. Dancing Man Oct 13 at 14:26
  • Ok - To help boost your answer can you include the specific examples from the movies that you’re drawing from? – Longshanks Oct 13 at 15:09
  • Thank you very much – Mr. Dancing Man Oct 14 at 0:42
  • 1
    i did use the examples – Mr. Dancing Man Oct 21 at 16:50

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