Trying to identify a book I saw today that I’ve forgotten. It’s a story where a woman has her head/brain transferred into another woman. I think the author's name is Sue something.


This is Second Body by Sue Payer.

This review (which I might add describes the novel as poorly written and offensively sexist on pretty much every level) gives an indication of the blurb;

Wendy Anderson went into hospital to give birth to her second child. But the procedure goes badly wrong, and she dies on the operating table. At the same time, the body of Jennifer Bowman is brought into the same hospital. She had tumbled down a flight of stairs, suffered a head injury, and has now been pronounced brain-dead. So the doctors perform a procedure up to that point performed only on animal test subjects: they transplant Wendy’s head onto Jennifer’s body. The operation is kept secret from the press for twelve months in order to give the Anderson family time to adjust. The family also moves south to Florida and cuts all ties with their friends so that no one learns of the transplant. Because Wendy, once petite and “doll-like”, a “cuddle bunny”, now has a voluptuous body more than a foot taller.

enter image description here

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    Oh wow. Thank you for finding it but I think I’ll avoid it if that’s the case! Thanks for letting me know. – Líam Murphy Oct 21 '18 at 15:56
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    I do like that cover, though. The novel takes women and boils them down to sexy bodies, but the cover then takes the complexity of sexy bodies and boils it down to bigger boobs. Something about that feels exactly right for the book. – Misha R Oct 21 '18 at 18:00

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